Why Is Content Marketing Crucial For Your Business In 2020?

Want to achieve exponential growth in your business? Try content marketing.

But why content marketing? You may ask. Before answering this, let me explain why not. 

First of all, the major aim of your business is to solve your customers’ pain points, right? 

When you force your customers to purchase your products, they’ll simply run away. They might never want to see you again. 

You want your audience to approach you in order to solve their problem. They are already bombarded with thousands of advertisements and promotional schemes trying to grab their attention. 

You don’t want to become one more ignored advertisement banner, do you? 

So how do you get your potential consumers to come to you whenever they’re in need of a product or service that you provide?

That’s when content marketing steps in!

Great content is the best sales tool in the world.”

Marcus Sheridan

Here, I’ve provided insight into content marketing and why this concept is so important for your business in 2020.

What is Content Marketing?

Let us assume you want to purchase a new pair of sunglasses for your next vacation to an exotic beach. How do you initiate your purchase? 

Would you directly visit a fashion store and purchase one available there? Or would you do some research on the trending sunglasses for going on a beach? 

There is a massive chance that you will perform the second action. You will research “best sunglasses for a beach in 2021” on Google, right?

After reading a few articles and watching a couple of videos, you’re more informed on which pair of sunglasses you need.

So there you have it! The contents that you consumed to get an insight into the trending sunglasses are a few examples of content marketing. For instance, you read numerous blog posts, watch countless online videos, and so on.

About the majority of the contents that you consume are a part of content marketing. 

In simple words, it is a form of inbound marketing method that relates to educating the customers about a specific concept. Besides, content marketing lets your potential customers know the existence of your business or brand.

Why is Content Marketing Important For Your Business?

Did you know that about 93% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers in the US are already implementing content marketing? 

With some of the most successful brands, such as Cisco, Virgin Mobile, and Toshiba implementing content marketing, it is definitely the Mt. Everest of all marketing practices. 

Educating your audiences about the solutions to their troubles is one of the best way to gain their trust. Hence, it’s the basic principle of content marketing. You can generate content with such educational value that your potential customers want to consume it. 

If you want people to know about your business, you have to solve your target audiences’ problem. – Click to Tweet

They will come to know about the existence of your business without you trying to push your products/services to them. Besides, the major aim of such practice is to provide value to your audience with the help of content. 

Moreover, the content could be of any kind. It can be an online video, blogs, podcasts, social media posts, or a magazine article. 

If your content is solving any kind of your audience’s needs, then your chances of gaining their trust increases. 

You could be running a bakery and posting a few cooking tutorials on your YouTube page, for instance. These videos will inform your audience how to bake a delicious cake by themselves.

As a result, they’ll appraise your knowledge in the subject matter. They’ll conceive you as an expert in the field of the bakery. Consequently, whenever they feel an urge to order a special cake for an auspicious occasion, they’ll remember you.

You don’t need to promote your offerings incessantly while you’re opting for this marketing practice. Simply educating your audience with respect to your insight and experience work wonders.

Role of Content Marketing in all Forms Of Marketing

By far, you must have gained the idea that content marketing is pivotal for every aspect of marketing. 

Let us take a close look at why it is significantly important for some of the major forms of modern marketing practices. 

A. Search Engine Optimization

While optimizing your website for major search engines, all your efforts revolve around providing the best user-experience to your visitors. 

Only when your visitors are satisfied with your content, the search engines will rank your website to the higher search results. 

You can provide any sort of engaging content on your web page, such as an infographic, video, images, or a link to your eBook. 

Google, for instance, gives higher priority to those websites where visitors spend a longer time. In other words, your website’s bounce rate should not be high. 

Since visitors’ attention has decreased at a record low, only a captivating piece of content can prevent them from clicking away from your website. 

As long as your audience wants to consume the content provided on your website, your SEO efforts will give fruitful results. 

B. Email Marketing

You must have opted for a variety of email newsletters related to diverse topics. 

It could be of weekly update of newly released gadgets, a daily reminder to motivate yourself or a weekly recipe of Italian dishes from a cooking channel. 

There is a reason why you opted for their newsletter in the first place. 

Even further, if you read their mail regularly without unsubscribing then there is a good chance that they’re succeeding at email marketing. 

It is one of the oldest ways of marketing using the internet. You can succeed with email marketing only when you can create strong content for every mail you send out. 

A well-built content strategy governs the email marketing process. Without educating and valuable content, your audience will not hesitate to click unsubscribe ASAP. 

C. Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay per click advertisements is a certain type of digital marketing that relates to paying search engines to rank a website at the top ranking. 

Although the success of this model is deeply rooted in how many dollars you decide to spend, your ad copy still plays a major role in its ranking and click-through rate. 

When you bid to rank your website in Google, it’s algorithm will compare your content with other websites that want to rank for the same keyword. 

Google gives more priority to those websites that provide better content that matches their targeted keyword. Thus, bidding higher on a keyword is not enough. 

To compete with other similar websites that want to rank for the same keyword, you need a well-made content backing up your site. 

D. Social Media Marketing

How long do you spend time scrolling on Instagram? During that duration, how many posts do you come across at this platform?

A girl holding her phone for content marketing

Probably hundreds, if not thousands! 

Among these contents, you end up liking only a few of them. And would care to comment on even fewer of these posts you see at your web feed. 

You interact with these posts by liking, commenting or clicking on their links, only when you find some value with it. 

When you engage with a brand’s content on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media websites, they have successfully acquired your attention from their content. 

This is how social media marketing works. And this is why content plays a vital role in such practices. 

E. Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is growing rapidly as the number of websites is rising exponentially. Content is king to succeed at this marketing plan of action.

Affiliate marketing revolves around selling products created by the other party and earning a commission based on each sale. 

You can either sell a product from another party or get other marketers to promote your product. Either way, you need valuable content to market your product. 

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you need to create engaging content to attract the target audience that might purchase the product that you promote. 

On the other hand, as a product creator, you should be able to get the affiliate marketers to do the promotion of your product. 

For that, you need a persuasive piece of content. It should attract those affiliates to promote your product instead of your competitors’. 

Wrapping Up!

Coming towards the end of the blog, I want to emphasize the importance of content marketing even more. 

If you’re running a business and have not implemented any sort of content marketing strategy then you’re lagging behind in so many ways. 

You can check out a popular website, contentmarketinginstitute.com, to gain more insight on how you should start your first content marketing strategy. 

If you’ve already started marketing your business via content, then you can optimize your efforts to gain maximum output.

The bottom line is, you need to start learning more and more about this concept and try implementing the best practices for your business. 

I will be uploading similar educational content regularly on my website. If you’ve reached this far, I heartily thank you for supporting my content. 

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