4 Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools For 2021

Are you struggling with managing your time to post content on social media? Well, you need to rely on some of the best social media scheduling tools. 

You want to spend more time creating awesome content. Your audience wants a regular update from your social channel. 

So, you don’t want to make them wait for your post!

There are several free social media scheduling tools that help you in this process. These tools eliminate your need to manage content publishing. 

You can simply create content and let those tools handle all the rest. 

Want to post your content on a particular day of the week? Done. At a particular time of the day? Also, Done!

Which Social Media Scheduling Tools Should You Use?

Plenty of social scheduling tools started appearing after the boom of social media marketing. Yet, which tool works best for your business?

This depends entirely upon your marketing strategy. How do you want to proceed with your social media promotion?

If you want to simply have the presence of social media then start with the basics. A free social media scheduling tool might just be the thing for you. 

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I have listed 4 of the best free social media scheduling tools in this article. Start with any one of the basic free plan provided by them. 

They let you manage a few social media platforms with limited posts per month. 

Free Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2021

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most simple social media scheduling tools that helps you share your brand story. This is a reliable platform to automate your publishing process. 

You can schedule up to 10 posts every month for 3 social accounts for free. The basic free plan only supports one user. 

Buffer lets you plan for all your social accounts in one simple dashboard. You can assign your posts for different times of the day on multiple channels. 

Besides, Buffer supports five different social media platforms. They are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.



Among these channels, Buffer has officially partnered with Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

If you want a paid version, Buffer provides 3 pricing plans for publishing service. They are Pro, Premium, and Business. For analytics service, you get two pricing plans, Pro and Premium. 

More than 75,000 businesses trust this social media scheduling tool. Some of the renowned brands are Spotify, Stripe, Trello, Shopify and so forth. 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an amazing social media scheduling tool that provides a free limited plan for starters. You can automate your social posts by using its bulk scheduling tool.

This social tool provides a scheduling dashboard for 6 social networks. They are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

The free plan of Hootsuite lets you manage only 3 social platforms. You can choose any of the 6 platforms that they support. 

Also, you can schedule a maximum of 30 posts per month for one platform. This means that you can automate one post for each platform every day. 

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This is a good offer for you if you’re just beginning with social media marketing. 

Besides, you can integrate basic free apps into your scheduling dashboard with ease. Hootsuite has an App directory with a variety of applications that you might find useful. 

More than 800 companies from Fortune 1000 trust Hootsuite. Some of these brands are Marketo, Melia Hotels International, and so on. 

3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is an amazing social media scheduling tool. This is the perfect social tool for free if you have a single social account. 

You can automate one social platform using this scheduling tool. SocialOomph’s personal suite lets you schedule unlimited posts for that single account. 

Besides, SocialOomph has a precise scheduling feature as well. You can set an exact date and time based on the time zone of your preference. 


Also, you get access to a personal area where you can plan your posts. You can only publish 3 posts in one hour. 

SocialOomph supports 8 social channels in total. They are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and so on. 

You can take maximum benefit from this tool for one particular platform. 

Do a bit of research and find out where your audience spends most of their time. Then target that social platform and publish much content on that platform. 

4. Later

Later is one of the best social media scheduling tools out there. You can use this tool to manage 4 social platforms for free. 

You can publish 30 posts on each social platform with the free plan. Later lets you make one account on each social network. 

Later is an amazing tool that is not limited to scheduling your posts. You can visually plan and analyze your posts as well. 

This social tool supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Later is also an official partner of Instagram. So, you get 100% safety from this reliable tool. 

Besides, you can use the Instagram analytics tool to optimize your content. This helps you gain more followers and increase engagement in your post. 

More than 2 million brands, agencies, and influencers around the world trusts Later.

Source: Later

Some of these brands are The Wall Street Journal, MeUndies, and so forth. 

Also, Later provides you guides on how to market your brand on social channels. 

Alternatives of Free Social Media Scheduling Tools

All free packages from these tools target small businesses and individuals. But what about large agencies and corporations?

You can start with a free version in the beginning and later shift to other plans. This helps you get more ideas about social automation and more.

Once you master the free version, it won’t be a hassle to move on premium versions. 

There are many premium options available for large organizations. You can study the pricing packages of these social scheduling tools to get an idea. 

Also, there are other social scheduling tools that help large corporations and agencies. Most of these tools provide a few days of the trial period as well. 

Wrapping Up!

So which social scheduling tool did you find most effective? Do you want to try our free version or purchase a premium plan instead?

No matter which option you pick, the crucial part is to create awesome content. So make sure you focus on content creation after you automate social marketing.

Did you enjoy reading this blog? We encourage you to share your feedback and suggestion in the comment section below. 

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